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I've been tooling around with the idea of a wood jewelry product line for some time now.  We've recently begun experimenting with the bentwood ring, which is a certain technique for making higher end wooden rings.  The photo is of some rings we recently produced utilizing the bentwood ring technique (one black cherry and two black walnut rings).


A ring simply cut out of a regular block of wood presents challenges, mostly durability and strength issues.  It's quite easy to break a wooden ring cut straight from a larger piece of wood.  These issues are minimized and mostly eliminated with the bentwood technique.  


With bentwood rings, the maker starts with a very thin strip of hardwood veneer, then steams and wraps the veneer.  Because the long grain of the wood is used, the resulting ring is much stronger and more durable when compared with a regular ring simply cut from wood.  I have to say I find steaming the wood the most fascinating part of the whole process because I took a regular, un-steamed, dry thin strip of veneer and attempted to wrap it and it snapped...but just the right amount of steaming allows the wood to bend without breaking.  Once the wood is dry, it has a certain memory in the way it was wrapped.


We look to begin production on our bentwood cherry and walnut rings for sale sometime this fall.

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