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Business in Dubai???

Here at bread & wood, Kim and I have always wanted to be about the local scene right here in Oxford.  I debated for some time about how to sell my hardwood products but decided to go through to allow local folks the convenience of paying with credit cards, paypal, etc.  Allowing big business to be involved in my transactions DOES NOT excite me, but I understand this is how most all of society does business today.  For anyone local and interested in purchasing and leaving big business OUT of our business, I am offering cash discounted pricing off the Etsy listed prices.  If interested, E-mail me for an updated local price.


So I had a very small bit of prior experience with buying and selling online before opening the Etsy shop.  I really just listed a dozen or so items here at first with the intention of further tweaking a product line, starting some local conversations, and getting geared up for the farmers market in the spring.  The first week with an online shop turned out to be quite an exciting one in ways I had not ever imagined.


I was contacted by a couple in Dubai who expressed interest in a few of my pieces.  I had zero international shipping experience, so they were very patient with me as I provided them with shipping options and pricing.  After enduring the customs paperwork, the order shipped out on Tuesday, and I'm just hoping I packaged it well enough to survive the trip across the pond.  No matter where the wood thing goes here, I had never imagined I would be doing business with anyone in Dubai.  I suppose that is the advantage to being online.  I am very stoked about having Oxford, Ohio hardwood displayed in Dubai, UAE!


This couple seemed really interesting to me - he being a furniture designer and she being a jewelry shop owner, dealing in buffalo horn, jade, wood, and silver.  I have let her know that she has inspired my latest curly and wormy black walnut piece I'm calling "buffalo horn."


Oh.....and she mentioned it was 75F today in Dubai.....



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