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Last week I came across some beatiful Chestnut trees just east of Oxford.  The Chestnut tree belongs to the same family as the Oak and the Beech, but it's quite special to come across one nowadays.  It is reported that the discovery of a Chestnut blight fungus was made public around the Long Island, New York area back in 1904, and just 40 years later the blight had killed almost four BILLION, that's billion with a B, American Chestnut trees.  I've heard older woodworkers talk about working with Chestnut hardwood, always with a gleam in their eye.  Although quantities of Chestnut hardwood can still be obtained today - it's mostly reclaimed, and fairly difficult to get your grubby mits on any as a woodworker now.  I was happy just to stumble across these trees in the area and hope we see a resurgence in their population someday.  I believe the trees I came across to be Chinese Chestnut, though I'm not for sure.  I'd certainly welcome any comments if you know based on these pictures.  The fruits were very green, round and prickly, almost like a sweetgum fruit, but larger and spinier.



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