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I recently finished up a milling job and tour at Hokye Farms, located in the western area of Oxford - what a wonderfully peaceful place!  They had a storm take down a good sized red maple and wanted to use the wood for chopping blocks, cutting boards, etc. and be able to say it came from the farm.  We milled the slabs into 2" planks and stacked them in the barn for air drying.  I will revisit again in six months with the moisture meter to check the drying progress.


Interacting with other local small businesses genuinely excites me and always gets my wheels turning.  You know, one of my pet peeves with the local food and product movement is the dominant and completely overworked phrase, "Buy local, buy local, buy local."  Sure, it's important to BUY local, but how does one buy local if the products he/she seeks are not being MADE and SOLD locally?  We need PRODUCERS at the local level - honest and hard-working people who continually take a risk and put themselves out there by putting their name on a quality product they produce.  Consumer and producer look each other in the eye, shake hands, and strike a deal - an inherently accountable, free market match made in heaven.  Because let's get real here - we can only consume locally to the extent that we PRODUCE locally.


Black angus farmer's, Matt & Mary Lynn Schwan, of Hokybe Farms are doing just this with a superior offering of locally produced beef products.  Their 80 acre 100% grass-fed Black Angus cattle farm is the real deal, complete with a herding dog named Henry.  Having been at it for almost a decade, they've stayed true to producing local, healthy food products, which has included rotational grazing practices and ZERO use of pesticides or commercial fertilizers on their pastures.  I grilled up some of their ground beef the other night, and it was one of the best burgers I've ever tasted.


So if you're local to the Oxford area, and find yourself asking, "Where's the beef?"  Get to know Matt and Mary Lynn at their booth every Saturday morning at the Oxford Farmer's Market.  They are located right across the aisle from our bread and wood booth.



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