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Introducing....the ipad spinner

Recently had an interesting custom request from a wine bar owner in San ipad holder that spins...really???  I wasn't real sure about this one initially or if I could make it work but all went well, and I really warmed up to the concept as the piece came together.  The materials were two live edge black walnut slabs and a bearing assembly sandwiched in between.  The top wood slab spins 360 degrees, while the bottom one remains still.  The ipad holder slot of course is cut into the top piece, and four rubber feet are secured to the underside of the bottom slab for gripping.  


As I was finishing up the piece, I thought it really could be quite functional at the point of sale for a retailer when an ipad is being used as the register - no ringing up the customer, picking up the ipad and repositioning so the customer can approve.....just spin!  I suppose it might work nicely at a meeting or on a conference table as well.  I think I'm calling it the "ipad spinner" for now.

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