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Is Sourdough Really a Healthier Alternative?

NOTHING STATED HERE IS MEDICAL ADVICE FROM A PROFESSIONAL BY ANY MEANS.  This is just my own personal exploration of sourdough, phytic acid, and health.  I am not a medical doctor and have no nutritional or medical background. 


I have this ongoing research battle to find out if sourdough bread is more life-giving and healthful for people as compared to commercially yeasted breads.  As many things on the World Wide Web, it appears that I can find support for this claim, but I can also find research that says there isn’t really a difference.  For my naturally-minded brain, it just seems to make sense that something that takes so much time to create would not only be more flavorful but also have health benefits (not to mention that bread has been made this way for years).  My curiosity has also been piqued lately with the rise of gluten-free diets as to why such a trend.  Why are so many people having issues with gluten when wheat has been a part of our diets for centuries and centuries?  Does wheat truly deserve such a bad reputation?  I think there are multiple answers to this, but I have to wonder if one of them is the way we are preparing our foods, as well as what we are putting in them. 


Some research will state that phytic acid in whole grains creates some digestive and other health issues unless the phytic acid is counteracted with something, such as the acid in sourdough (which apparently, according to some, can neutralize the phytic acid).  Other research says the opposite, that phytic acid is actually beneficial.  So I am left to wonder.  I do have one friend who is mildly gluten intolerant but it appears that she can eat the bread I make with no issues.  Of course, one can’t make any conclusive claims from one single person, but it does make me wonder…


Anyway, there are several articles listed below that have some very interesting things to say about phytic acid, sourdough, and health.  I am not sure how many people actually read this blog, but if you’re out there and you’re reading, I’d love to hear some feedback on your thoughts on sourdough, phytic acid, health, etc.  Anything you’ve read or researched would be of great interest to me.  If you have a scientific and/or nutritional background, I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the matter.  My goal is to create foods that are helpful to people, and the more I can learn, the closer I can come to reaching this goal. 


I have to believe that I am losing sleep and revolving my life around bread and feeding a culture for some good reason…at least I sure hope so.  :)



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