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Just to give a little info about the stollen-baking process, here's a blurb on how we make stollen with wild yeast at Loaves.  


The mixing takes place first, of course, where we load the dough with rum- and orange extract-soaked dried fruit.  Our dough contains freshly-grated organic orange and lemon zest and very little processed sugar (we use a little honey in the dough...and all the raisins are naturally sweet.   The cherries, however, do have added sugar).  The dough then goes through what we call a "bulk proof" for about 5 hours.  The loaves are weighed and pre-shaped into balls and left to rest for a few minutes.  Then comes the final shaping...

Fruit and nuts are placed into the middle of the loaf before it is folded over to complete the shaping (some use marzipan in the middle, but we prefer the fruit and nuts).  Stollen shaped in this way has been said to represent the wrapped Christ child.*
The loaves are left to "final proof" for approximately 8 hours and then loaded into an oven to bake.  As soon as the warm loaves are pulled out of the oven, they are brushed with butter and heavily dusted with powdered sugar.  
The loaves are left to cool, then wrapped in plastic wrap...and into the Loaves' bags they go, for the final presentation...ready for purchase and consumption!  :)







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