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I was a little nervous about not having my winter's wood in yet, but the new log splitter came today and started to put my mind at ease.  I'm normally not a big fan of promoting the gas & oil machines, but this thing absolutely gets it done.  I first saw a super split in action at the Paul Bunyon Show a few years back and have been wanting one since.


So if you've ever used a regular log splitter, you know how long it takes for the head to come down and push through the log...then all the way back up....usually 15 seconds or so of cycle time, which may not seem like a lot.  However, add up the downtime with a whole winter's worth of logs and you're standing around "holding the lever" for quite awhile.  The super splitter boasts a cycle time of just 2 seconds.  You pull up on the yellow handle, and the head quickly comes in and splits your wood, then automatically returns.  It's efficiently a one man operation.  After Samuel and I got it put together tonight, we fired it up, and it split wood like a dream - just stay the heck out the way!!  Sam loved it....If he only knew the amount of work he will soon be doing on this machine....

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