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Sycamore Mash Paddle


I recently completed a custom job for local beer brewer, Matt Aerni.  Matt also roasts coffee beans that I can personally say are delicious because I'm sitting here sipping on the product of his Ethiopia Bedele Sota Cooperative beans of goodness as I type this.  You can find Matt's local Oxford business, Corduroy Coffee, at
Matt's custom hardwood order was for a "mash paddle," which I'm told is the equivalent of a large stir stick for the beer brew.  So after quartersawing some Sycamore, I got down to business.  The quartersawing makes Sycamore much more dimensionally stable.  The challenging part of this project is I couldn't use any type of finish, as we didn't want it bleeding off into the beer.  We decided to go with Sycamore because the raw wood is naturally tasteless, odorless, and non-toxic which of course is imperative to getting the brew-ha dialed in just right.  The sanding process went all the way from 120 to 12,000 grit in an effort to seal the raw wood as much as possible.  This wood came from a local utility yard expansion project where the trees had planned to be discarded. 
Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did the process.
...and yes, Matt, I'm gonna need a taste of that brewskie just to make sure we got it right... 







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