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Walnut Lumber From Inside Oxford City Limits...






With the weather breaking this past week, we were able to get out this weekend and remove a couple black walnut trees for a local homeowner who wanted them gone because they were close to gardens and negatively impacting the growth of vegetation.  The naturally occuring chemical known as "juglone" is found in all parts of the black walnut tree and experimentally has been shown to be a respiration inhibitor, depriving some plants of necessary energy for metabolic activity.  Translation: don't try to grow stuff under a black walnut tree because it most likely won't do so well.  So removing the trees was at the top of the list of this local gardener before we got into the thick of gardening season....and that's exactly what we did.


We milled the sawlogs there onsite and really discovered some beautiful pieces.  The above piece is known as "crotchwood" and is the place where two branches come together and meet the trunk, exhibiting very unique grain patterns and formation.  You certainly won't find it at the hardware.  We slabbed most of the pieces 1.5 to 2 inches thick.  It will take at least a full 6 months for the lumber to air dry before it can be kiln dried, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how these pieces finish out in the fall.  What excites me is these pieces when finished will have been grown, cut, dried, worked, and finished all within Oxford city limits...a process that will have spanned decades from start to finish.  I'm thinking some very unique, locally produced live edge table tops and coffee tables might be a good use.



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