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Wild Yeast Class March 15


Wild Yeast (Sourdough) Bread Class


LOAVES is excited to finally offer a bread class to those out there who have pondered the mysteries of baking with a sourdough culture or who have a desire to increase knowledge of those wild yeast beasties.  The first bread class will be held on March 15, from 8am-4pm, at the residence of Kim Coffey, owner and head baker of LOAVES.  From the class, you will be baking two different types of bread and take away the following: 


-Up to 4 loaves of fresh bread

-2 wild yeast recipes

-A wild yeast culture for baking at home

-Continued correspondence with Kim for any future questions

-Hopefully lots and lots of valuable information about baking wild yeast breads!


The class is geared toward beginner to intermediate wild yeast bakers.  The class fee is $75.00 per person; however, scholarships are available to those who may not be able to afford payment.  Please email Kim to inquire further about financial aid.  Group rates may also be available. 


Deadline for sign-up is March 7.   Full payment is required by March 10.  No refunds offered unless for extreme, unforeseen circumstances.


To sign up for the class, please email Kim Coffey at for an official "application."   


Looking forward to baking with you! 

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