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Over the past few weeks, some great hardwood trees have been taken down right here in my neighborhood.  One of them was a black walnut and the other a rock maple.  After talking to the tree service and homeowners, I was able to secure some of the wood for sawing, drying, and crafting, while using the scraps to heat our home.


What excites me about this is the entire process including the growing of the raw material will be done, not only locally, but right here in my own neighborhood from trees that were set out at the curb and would have otherwise ended up at the landfill.  One homeowner told me, "It's a shame to lose this tree (the rock maple).  It has been here since we moved here in the 1970's, but it developed a crack that's holding water and has to come down now."  


So to think...this wood will not only be milled, dried, and worked here in the neighborhood, but the trees have actually grown since the 70's right here in the hood.  I've been thinking of letting folks know exactly where the wood comes from in each final product I produce.  In addition to the local question "Do you know your farmer?".....I ask, "Do you know your logger?"



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